VIP coaching day with Corina Sahlin

Spend a laser-focused, one-on-one VIP day with me at my beautiful homestead in the North Cascades (2 hours Northeast of Seattle, 1.5 hours Southeast of Bellingham, WA), where I will partner with you to bust through patterns and lame excuses, so that you will ignite your full flourishing and thriving and build the blueprint for your life to create what you are deeply yearning for.

I will give you my undivided attention all day, catering to what you want to learn, explore, and transform.

This day will give you crystal-clear clarity on how to move forward with your life.

You will experience deep rejuvenation as well, since my homestead is an incredible healing place in a pristine environment.

Depending on what you want and need, a sample day could look like this:

  • Transformational coaching session to set an intention for the day, name the patterns in your life that are keeping you from getting what you want, explore the underlying beliefs and identity matrix.
  • Connection with nature and more coaching at a scenic, wild river, surrounded by mountains, only a short walk away from my homestead.
  • Releasing ritual with water.
  • Explore how you have been relating to yourself, life and others in a way that has created your life experience inside of the old pattern.
  • Delicious organic, home-cooked lunch with a salad picked fresh from the garden.
  • Play with baby goats if you want, or cuddle the puppy, or just sit in the garden to smell the roses.
  • Reiki healing session with Corina to clear and cleanse your energy.
  • Determine new ways of relating to yourself, life and others that are congruent with the deeper truth you reached through coaching.
  • Soak in the hot tub and relax with your beverage of choice.
  • Moving-forward ritual to create the life you want.

I can also teach you some real skills if you want more hands-on instruction.  I teach homesteading and self-sufficiency skills like cheese making, soap making, gardening, goat raising, canning, pickling, fermenting, knitting, spinning, and so much more.

Spend a VIP day with me and bust through life-long patterns.

I guarantee your life will be changed!

If you are confused, stuck or un-inspired, come spend a VIP day with me. I guarantee that afterwards, you will be crystal clear on how to move forward with your life.

I’m well known for my ability to detect bullshit (and yes, I’m also known for my potty mouth).

My own innate intuition and extensive training in coaching and healing modalities will help you identify and shift the changes you need to make to create what you really desire.  Not what you THINK you should do and have, or who you should be, but truly what YOU want.

You will walk away with proven, effective tools and excitement to start your new life.

Contact me to ask about a VIP day with you and me

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