Are you feeling this:


Stressed out


Pulled in too many directions

Juggling too many things

Guilty about not giving your kids enough of your attention, or resenting them for wanting so much of you


Is this true:


You feel alone

You might fight depression

You can’t keep up

Making time for yourself is really hard

Maybe you feel like you are cracking in half


Can I ask you:


How long has it been since you shaved your legs?

Are you getting enough sleep, or are you second guessing yourself with your brain not working so well?

Are you stuck in the muck of mama-guilt?

You are not alone!

And there’s hope!

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Few women I’ve ever met/trained embody wellness, wholeness, happiness and thriving more than Corina Sahlin. If you have the opportunity to be her client or participate in any of her programs, you’ll gain more than a skilled coach, you’ll have access to a mentor whose very presence and beingness will catalyze you to a new level of authentic success and fulfillment.

Claire Zammit, Ph.D.

Founder of FemininePower.com & The Feminine Power courses for Women, Feminine Power, Feminine Power

You can go from burn-out to balance.

You can change from putting yourself last to practicing radical self care, so you are the best mother/human you can be!


I used to feel all the things I described to you, and in fact was headed towards a miserable depression and scary adrenal burn out.

Things turned around for me when I had a Feminine Power Transformational life coach hold space for me and help me see the patterns in my life that caused me so much pain.

We explored the false beliefs underlying these patterns, and how I was showing up in relationship to myself, to others and to the possibilities of life inside of these false beliefs.

I was then able to transform and evolve these beliefs and now show up in a different way that’s actually aligned with the deeper truth.

This process has completely changed my life, and I am now living the life of my dreams, or even beyond what I imagined what could be possible.


As a transformational life coach, I help many women just like you to


  • practice guilt-free, radical self care, because nobody else is coming to rescue you, and you have to learn to do this for yourself
  • learn how to relate to yourself in nurturing, supportive ways that foster your full flourishing
  • trust your intuition
  • achieve your intentions and realize your higher potentials
  • create healthy balance between your own needs and the needs of your family
  • be present with your children and family in a healthy, generative, balanced way

I believe Corina was born to do this work. I recommend her to anyone who is seriously looking to make a breakthrough.

Kirsten Meekinson

Working with Corina as my coach has been one of the most clarifying and rewarding experiences of my life!

Anne Roda

Corina started me down a path of personal reflection and feminine power finding, which has impacted my life and recent career choices.

Molly Royer

All day long you are holding space for others and taking care of others. Your kids, your significant other, friends, colleagues, even your pets!


But let me ask you this:


 Who is holding space for you?


Who is taking care of you?


  • What do you want to create?

  • What are you deeply yearning for?

  • What do you desire to create, contribute, express?

  • What’s the pattern in your life that’s holding you back from having this?

  • What are the false beliefs underneath the pattern?

  • What are the old ways of showing up, and what new skills and capacities do you need to cultivate to transform them?

If you want to transform your life and need support and someone to hold you accountable, Corina is perfect.

Sam Rock Cooper

Thank you Corina for helping work some deep magic in my life!

Eleanor Burke

Coaching with Corina has dramatically changed my life!

Brandie Tremper

To worry is to pray for what you don’t want. Please don’t punch me in the face.

I am a world-class worry wart. Believe me, I know anxiety well. I’ve pitched my tent there and camped out with anxiety a lot in the past. I still do some, but if I catch myself worrying, I now say this to myself:

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The reason you haven’t heard from me in a while

Do you wonder why you haven’t heard from me in a while?

Here’s why: on top of life being very intense on many levels, my computer broke down.

So I did what  good life coach would do: dig in, feel and explore all the feelings that have been coming up, take care of myself, and transform.

And transform I did. I feel like I’ve been in a chrysalis, where the caterpillar turns to mush before it emerges as a butterfly.  It’s been hard, but also incredibly good for soul growth.

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Last chance, and a special invitation for you

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