What would it feel like to parent without Mama guilt,

without the sense that you never do enough, you’re never done?

Can you imagine feeling balanced between taking care of your own needs and desires, as well as your kids’?

How about not should-ing on yourself any more?

“I should spend more quality time with my kids.”

“I wish I could have more time for myself and the things I really yearn for.”

“I’m such a bad mother for yelling at my kids.”

Dear Mama,

Of course you love your children.  This is why you keep beating yourself up. You want to be the best mother you can be, but you are pulled in too many directions, stretched too thin, juggling too many things.

Of course you adore your kids.  Sweet Mama, I know you would give your life for them.

Yet sometimes, you resent the crap out of them.  When you are tired, emotionally drained and struggling with anxiety or depression, there’s not much left for patience, peace, acceptance and joy.

Your self-judgement, second-guessing, guilt doesn’t help, does it?  It adds to your worries of being inadequate as a mother/wife/friend/daughter/aunt… (fill in the blank).

Self care is often last on the list.

And on top of all that, sometimes your mental, physical, or spiritual health go down the drain as well.

It’s a vicious circle.

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11 + 3 =

You are yearning for

a purpose beyond children

time for yourself



self care

self trust



You want to feel

connected with your children








You want to experience

how to be perfectly imperfect

creative time


deep love





Corina started me down a path of personal reflection and feminine power finding, which has impacted my life and recent career choices. Molly Royer

If you want to transform your life and need support and someone to hold you accountable, Corina is perfect.

Sam Rock Cooper

I am a coach and, yet, I could not move forward with my coaching practice. I was so stuck and couldn’t figure out what was holding me back. Corina quickly and compassionately uncovered an ancient false identity I was holding. Thanks Corina for a very insightful and intuitive transformation.

Bevie Taylor

When I came to my first session, I was in a years-long deep grey chasm, so ready to transform, but in need of help. The relief I felt at the finish of that very first session compounded enormously in the course of six weeks, and enabled me to again find my sense of purpose and possibility in life.

Betsy Delph

Why do you need a life coach?

Your life will drastically change when you have someone (that would be me!) hold space for you.

You need someone who is experienced at discovering patterns, someone with lots of experience helping women dig deep.

It feels amazing to have someone nurturing, focused and clear ask very powerful questions, so that you can get to the bottom of things together.

This is the kind of support most people don’t experience in their life time.

What our coaching looks like

We will explore the pattern in your life that causes you most pain, the pattern that repeats itself over and over and over again.  We will deepen into what you want to create instead and set an intention, which will serve as the North Star for our time together.

We will discover the underlying belief matrix of this pattern, which has you show up in ways that creates that pain and frustration (for example a false belief that you are not good enough, not wanted, not worthy, invisible, and so on).

We will find the emotional self in your body (you can’t do this from your intellectual self in your head) that has made meaning about life from this underlying belief matrix.

Transform your relationship with yourself

I will teach you Feminine Power principles and practices to break through this pattern and evolve it – once and for all. You will have an embodied experience of the deeper truth: who you really are, what’s really true about yourself as the source of your experience, and that you have the power to show up in new ways that will create a whole new, positive, mind-blowing life experience.

Most importantly in this work, I will teach you the practice of bringing the self in your mind (the grown-up, wiser part of you) and the emotional self in your body (your younger self who has made false meaning and showed up accordingly) into an empowered, nurturing relationship with each other.

You will learn how life is happening through you, instead of to you, and you will practice new ways of being in the world.

Transform your relationship with others

This is where the rubber really meets the road, because we live on the relationship planet!

Learn why you need an empowered relationship with others in order to become your true, authentic self.

Transform the patterns you have had with other people (your kids, significant others, friends, family, co-workers). You have related to others inside the old pattern and old dis-empowering core beliefs.  Imagine what can be possible when you relate to them inside of the deeper truth of who you really are, and what’s possible in life!

Learn what it means to be truly intimate with someone, deeply connected in ways where you can really show yourself fully.

Discover how to partner with others in collaboration, so you can unleash incredible co-creative forces to manifest mutual potentials.

Transform your relationship with what’s possible in Life

Instead of seeing yourself as a helpless, random part of life, we will awaken a deep sense of belonging to all of life.

You will learn practices how to access the limitless, abundant support of Life so you can contribute your greatest contributions and live your most amazing potentials.

You will experience co-creating with the abundant energies of Life and tap deeply into your own intuition.

You will practice how to generatively relate to setbacks, apparent “failures” and disappointments, so you can shine the brightest in your life.

I believe Corina was born to do this work. I recommend her to anyone who is seriously looking to make a breakthrough.

Kirsten Meekinson

Coaching with Corina has dramatically changed my life!

Brandie Tremper

I had the opportunity to work with Corina.
She skillfully and masterfully helped me realize a false believe that I wasn’t aware was there.
Bottom line, Corina Sahlin is a badass Transformational Coach.
Thank you, Corina!
Kathi Beadle

Throughout our work together, I keep being absolutely amazed at how quickly things have been shifting for me! The constant background anxiety has lifted, I am now able to self soothe very well and as a result feel relaxed and at ease in my life, the depression I’ve felt for years is no longer there, and my energy levels have been improving rapidly.
Julia Schneider

Listen to how this coaching changed my life, and how it can change yours

by Corina Sahlin | Corina Sahlin's intro


One-hour coaching session

  • This is one hour of coaching, where we will laser focus and work towards your intention.
  • Includes detailed session notes I will sent via e-mail to highlight what we did in the session.
  • We will identify the patterns that hold you back, the underlying belief matrix, and the old ways of showing up inside of these beliefs.
  • I will teach you specific tools and practices to transform these old beliefs.
  • Together, we will come up with a blueprint for you life to show up in new ways that will create a different reality for you.
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6 months coaching package

  • This package includes 12 sessions, enough for meeting twice a month for half a year.
  • This will give us lots of time and space to do the same work we do in the 8 session coaching package, and we can focus on different areas and intentions.
  • Includes detailed session notes I will sent via e-mail to highlight what we did in the session.
  • This is a great way to keep yourself moving forward and held accountable, with lots of support and extra nurturing.
  • Spending half a year together will foster a deep relationship between us, where complete trust and accountability can move mountains.
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Working with Corina as my coach has been one of the most clarifying and rewarding experiences of my life!

Anne Roda

If you want to transform your life and need support and someone to hold you accountable, Corina is perfect.

Eleanor Burke

Corina’s help has been life-changing to say the least! I cannot say enough about Corina’s work and how much it has helped me. For the first time in my life, I feel truly empowered and ready to see where my hopes and dreams take me.

Tracy Sippl

Corina has been a loving, supportive, empathetic, and present guide on my journey towards finding my power. Corina built a solid framework, and asked questions that let me dare to love myself, trust myself, and know that anything is possible.

Rocky C.