Few women I’ve ever met/trained embody wellness, wholeness, happiness and thriving more than Corina Sahlin. If you have the opportunity to be her client or participate in any of her programs, you’ll gain more than a skilled coach, you’ll have access to a mentor whose very presence and beingness will catalyze you to a new level of authentic success and fulfillment.

Claire Zammit, Ph.D.

Founder of FemininePower.com & The Feminine Power courses for Women, Feminine Power

I was pretty nervous to start coaching because I had no idea what would come up for me. I had seen counselors before and had done a lot of work but still had some fear connecting with wounded parts of myself.


Corina created a safe, welcoming place for me to begin a relationship with myself that has always been hard for me to touch. Through her compassionate guidance, I was able to meet my wounded child and lovingly ask her what she needed.


When I felt stuck, Corina’s intuitive wisdom lead me farther into this journey to places that I did not even know were calling for my care. This, I am ever grateful for!


I am also quite stubborn and was impressed with her ability to challenge me in a way that was both steadfast and deeply transformative.


Many years later, I am now a psychotherapist myself and am still in awe at the level of skill this woman employs in her coaching.  Being an alive, aware, compassionate human on this path is hard work which reveals many gems amoung the weeds. Its true that we have do this work ourselves, yet we need not do it alone.
Therefore, I cannot recommend anyone more highly in being your guide on this path to self awareness and commitment to your self care. Thank you Corina!!



Lindsay L Huettman, MA, LMHCA Soul Stewards Counseling and Psychotherapy,PLLC

“Corina coached me through a pretty tumultuous period in my life & I can’t think of a better person to have up underneath me, digging deep with me & really encouraging me to take a ferocious stand for myself.

She is blessed with an acute intuition & isn’t afraid to say it how it is which is great for a person like me who sometimes just needs the experience of being direct.

I believe she was born to do this work & the insights I’ve had while coaching with her has given me pieces to my own unique puzzle that I’ve never been able to see before now.

I recommend her to anyone who is seriously looking to make a breakthrough.”

Kirsten M, Vancouver, Canada

Coaching with Corina has dramatically changed my life!

Before our seven weeks together, I was struggling with being able to fully realize my potential and was unable to be the woman I envisioned myself being. I was fearful of the future as I saw myself continuing to work a job I hated. I was depressed for what I felt was “no reason” and I would not allow myself to express my true feelings, needs and desires. I was self-conscious about who I was and the choices I was making and had a hard time making myself visible.

We met in person as well as on the phone as Corina insightfully navigated me through my relationship with myself, with life and with others.

I felt very comfortable and secure with Corina, like I had known her for a long time, and I was able to completely and vulnerably open up to her. She gracefully created and held the space for me to feel deep into my body and to give so much back to myself, something that I had often only done for others. Corina also held me accountable for victimizing myself and challenged me to take 100% responsibility for my own experiences.

Shortly after our first sessions, I was cultivating a relationship with my younger self and felt safer and more confident to be able to tell my truth to the world. I felt more related to others and less isolated and alone. I really opened myself up to the greater field of life and connected more authentically to my friends, family and to my community as the woman I was committed to becoming.

I started communicating better with my partner and witnessed immense improvement in our relationship. I began to judge the quality of my time by how I experienced life, by what I contributed to and created for the world, rather than how many tasks I scratched off my to-do list.

In the months following the seven week coaching session, I moved into my dream home, near my best friends and started working for myself doing what I love. As I changed and became a better, stronger woman, my partner was pushed to step up to the standard that I was setting and we committed more fully to our relationship.

Brandie L., Flagstaff, AZ

Words fall short, to describe both my esteem of Corina, and the enormity of self-transformation that Corina’s skillful coaching enabled me to achieve.

When I came to my first session, I was in a years-long deep grey chasm, so ready to transform, but in need of help. The relief I felt at the finish of that very first session compounded enormously in the course of six weeks, and enabled me to again find my sense of purpose and possibility in life.

We worked together and transformed my capacity to name what I want, what I mean, and what I feel, on a level I had never been capable of before. Corina is a powerfully insightful and intuitive woman. She held and guided me with grace, care, and incredible genuineness and presence. 

The person I was before I went to see Corina and the person I am since are vastly different from one another, a revolution of self.

Betsy D., Idaho

I came to Corina’s blog because of shared interests in gardening and homesteading, and was surprised and curious about her coaching offerings. I’d tried years ago to hire a coach, but couldn’t bring myself to commit – I just wasn’t ready. When I read that Corina’s approach to life coaching exists within the framework of the Feminine Power Model, I knew it was a good fit!

Several winters ago I took the Feminine Power Course, and have been a fan ever since. Transformational, yes! For the brave-hearted, yes! Corina brings to the coaching model her wonderful loving no-nonsense approach. How refreshing to have someone call you on your stuff and push you to go deeper, til you can craft gold from the hurt places inside. This is a path for those of you whose soul is calling out, for what, maybe you don’t know, but Corina can help you walk through this, as you come out of the shadows to fully claim and be claimed by the life that is calling you.

Be forewarned, this means confronting old, often toxic patterns, as you step forward and learn new ways of being, and re-write your story. I am so glad I took the risk! Thank you Corina for helping work some deep magic in my life!

Eleanor B., Lopez Island, WA

Until Corina helped me discover the events in my life that impacted my self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, I did not know why I felt so low, so useless, so inadequate.  I never realized how the experiences I had as a younger self dramatically shaped my identity as a grown woman.  

Corina’s help has been life-changing to say the least!  And what is even better, my adult children have noticed my increased self-confidence and self-esteem.  My daughter, especially, has watched me struggle with my inability to stand up for myself and for my feelings. I rarely showed emotion around my children because I didn’t want to “rock the boat” which is how I grew up. Here I thought holding my feelings in all this time was showing how strong I was (even though the emotions were eating me alive from the inside out), but instead, the result is that my children have difficulty coping with their emotions.  To see what they are struggling with now because of keeping everything to myself greatly pains me.  

I have fibromyalgia which I personally feel is a result of dealing with so many unresolved issues and emotions.  I have also come to realize that I never allowed myself to dream about what I want for myself.  I couldn’t name a single dream. I didn’t feel that I deserved to have them.  

I cannot say enough about Corina’s work and how much it has helped me! So much so, that I have been talking to my daughter about looking into the program herself.  

She is so caring, empathetic, and genuine. I felt comfortable working with her right from the start. I don’t know how she knows what questions to ask or how to target things I bring up, but she does.  She truly has a gift. We are approximately halfway through her program and I cannot wait to see where we go from here.  For the first time in my life, I feel truly empowered and ready to see where my hopes and dreams take me.  Don’t get me wrong, I have work ahead of me and I practice the strategies Corina teaches me every day, but for the first time in my life, I can see through the darkness to the other side!  I have been given HOPE!  And that hope, to me, is priceless.

Thank you, Corina, from the bottom of my heart for your love, help, support, and encouragement. Our paths have crossed for a reason, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Tracy S., VA

I love Corina’s passion, her forthright yet gentle naming of the core issues and her kindness and compassion, while being a stand for the best outcome. I had a session with Corina to help me find some ‘me’ space while raising our son. Corina helped me to see that I strongly need nature and time by the sea as well as a willingness to presence and sometimes put first my needs.

Since our call I’ve taken our son to the beach and enjoyed that special time with him. Corina helpfully contacted me a few days after the session to remind me of my next steps (which I hadn’t done!) Having her ask was the spur I needed to put it into action and I felt so much better for it. 

I love my son dearly but through Corina’s coaching I can see that I do need to take care of myself far more and to nurture my soul – which is something I can do with him. 

I totally recommend Corina – she is a coach and supportive partner who holds a safe space, deeply listens and hears and is a strong advocate for change and freedom. If you want to transform your life and need support and someone to hold you accountable, Corina is perfect.

Sam Rock Cooper, England

I am a coach and, yet, I could not move forward with my coaching practice. I was so stuck and couldn’t figure out what was holding me back. Corina quickly and compassionately uncovered an ancient false identity I was holding:  “I am alone, I have to do this by myself and it’s not ok to ask for help”.  I am the Lone Wolf.

I was stunned and could instantly feel in my body that it was the truth. What a relief! Corina outlined a step by step plan to transform this old belief into something that will work in my present life… now!I released the lone wolf and became a member of the pack who asks for and receives help and I am moving forward in my coaching practice. Thanks Corina for a very insightful and intuitive transformation.

Bevie T., Vancouver, BC

Working with Corina as my coach has been one of the most clarifying and rewarding experiences of my life. Although I have done a lot of work on myself, as many of us have, with Corina I was able to crack into the energy, passion, and excitement of my greater contribution to the world.

She helped me clarify my intentions and uncover some of my unconscious patterns that were hindering my progress toward them. She then made suggestions as to how I could change these patterns and create new patterns that would work toward the positive fulfillment of my goals.

Her coaching manner is very supportive and encouraging, yet she is focused and specific about how to proceed. Through working with her I developed new practices, which have helped me understand myself in new ways and created space for new movement forward with my intentions.

Corina has a special gift for seeing through to the deepest meaning of what you are saying to her. She is then able to bring that meaning to the surface and assists you with specific practices to cultivate the skills to manifest your truest self.

I would highly recommend her coaching to anyone who is serious about evolving herself and looking beyond how she is now to what she may become.

Anne R., Seattle, WA

Corina and I discovered that a lot of what was sucking up my energy and keeping me feeling unwell was anxiety (especially being around people) and negative and critical self talk, which led me to feeling quite unsafe in my life (which on a physiological level meant that my adrenals were constantly pumping adrenaline and overfunctioning).
Throughout our work together (we are still working together btw) I keep being absolutely amazed at how quickly things have been shifting for me!
The constant background anxiety has lifted, I am now able to self soothe very well and as a result feel relaxed and at ease in my life, the depression I’ve felt for years is no longer there, my energy levels have been improving rapidly and lo and behold, yesterday I realized that I feel like I will be ready to get back into the fitness world very soon. This time in a new way and not as a full time career but in a way that suits my current stage in life.
And what I’m thinking now is that if this is possible for me after feeling like being in a bottomless state of despair, then WOW! I can only imagine what else is possible as I continue to do this work with Corina and on my own.
I also want to say that I really encourage anyone who feels like they need support in any area of their lives to reach out to Corina and explore the possibility of working with her. She is amazing! I experience her as someone who is very safe, open, loving, emotionally available, warm and caring. I’m also so grateful for everything that is becoming possible for me as a result of us working together.
Julia, Toronta, Canada

I had the opportunity to work with Corina Sahlin.
She skillfully and masterfully helped me realize a false believe that I wasn’t aware was there.
Bottom line, Corina Sahlin is a badass Transformational Coach.
Thank you Corina!
Kathi Beadle

Corina started me down a path of personal reflection and feminine power finding, which has impacted my life and recent career choices.
Molly R., Seattle, WA

Corina has been a loving, supportive, empathetic, and present guide on my journey towards finding my power. The work of Feminine Power has offered me a clear map for unveiling, understanding, and finding alternatives to negative, internalized patterns. Corina built a solid framework, and asked questions that let me dare to love myself, trust myself, and know that anything is possible. I feel honored to now carry the tools she gave me, and know I will continue to use them throughout my life.

Rocky C., Maine

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