Learn something new – this could change your life!

Hello dear one!

I already shared this via my homesteading blog, but in case you are not subscribed to it, I  wanted to show this to you.  You might like this opportunity, because it will teach you lots of practical, hands-on skills.

It’s the FREE online Back to Basics Living Summit, which is a gathering of some of the top influencers in the back to basics movement, covering topics from gardening, preserving food, backyard livestock, urban homesteading, and more, and it’s all ONLINE and FREE, so you can learn from the comfort of your home, or barn, or wherever you choose to spend your time!

And guess what? I’m considered a top influencer (who would have thought?), and I’m one of the presenters!  My video presentation is on making Chevre cheese.

30 different experts teach via interviews, video content, slideshow tutorials, and ebooks.
View presentations on:

  • Saving Money and Getting Out of Debt
  • Achieving Real Health Naturally
  • Growing Your Own Food Year Round
  • Being Prepared for Crisis
  • Food Storage
  • Seed Saving
  • Canning
  • Off-Grid Lifestyle
  • Cooking
  • Brewing
  • Cheese Making
  • Natural skin care
  • Jump Starting Your Urban Farm
  • Back Yard Livestock
  • Solar Cooking
  • Starting your Homestead From Scratch
  • …and MORE!!!

Registration is FREE! Follow this link to reserve your seat today, and I will see you on the inside.

If this is your first time attending a summit, here are some things you should know:

  • There is NO ENTRANCE FEE and it is available 100% Online!
  • It begins September 10th
  • It runs for 7 full days
  • Each day has unique content!
  • Over 22 hours of video presentations for you to enjoy

If you want to be included in this summit, register HERE to reserve your FREE ticket!

Only registered attendees will get the entire itinerary!

Come join us for this educational and entertaining event.

Mark your calendar!

I’ll see YOU there!

Many blessings,

Corina Sahlin



If you didn’t already know, you have the option of purchasing lifetime access. While viewing the presentations during the event is 100% FREE of charge, if you would like to watch on your own schedule as many times as you like, then LIFETIME ACCESS to the full content is the best option.

By upgrading your “seat” at the summit, you won’t have to wait to watch the presentations you want, and you can watch (or listen) to them as often as you like!

If your schedule just doesn’t allow for you to catch all the presentations, or you want to binge watch them all, NetFlix style, grab some popcorn and ENJOY them at your own speed!
You don’t want to miss any of this great content!

Unlock your UNLIMITED ACCESS before Tuesday, September 12th to qualify for:

An impressive door buster discount
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The discount is a limited time offer – check out the details HERE.
Even if you plan to just watch the videos as time permits FOR FREE, check out this link anyway for new details about the event.

What’s up with all the intensity lately?

What’s up with all the intensity lately?

Dear Mama,

Have you been feeling all the intensity lately?  Lots of deep emotions, strong feelings, crazy reactions are floating around.  I’ve been experiencing lots of this, my clients have, too and I wonder if you’re in the same boat as well.

In my latest episode of The Mama Show, I explain what’s up and what you can do to stay more balanced.  It’s a short one, but powerful.

Watch it here!

Sending you lots and lots of love!


The reason you haven’t heard from me in a while

The reason you haven’t heard from me in a while


Dear Mama,

Do you wonder why you haven’t heard from me in a while?

Here’s why: on top of life being very intense on many levels, my computer broke down.

So I did what  good life coach would do: dig in, feel and explore all the feelings that have been coming up, take care of myself, and transform.

And transform I did. I feel like I’ve been in a chrysalis, where the caterpillar turns to mush before it emerges as a butterfly.  It’s been hard, but also incredibly good for soul growth.

Also, I made a new episode of my “Mama Show” series, to talk about some of this and give you some support and inspiration if you’re also feeling all this intensity, but guess what?

My computer broke.  Yup, it broke, and I lost everything I had on it, including the project I’ve been working on for y’all.

So that was another reason I had to allow myself to be turned into caterpillar/butterfly soup inside of my little cocoon.

It’s all good though, truly, because I have the tools and the support I need to navigate these stormy waters, and I’m so glad for them (for the tools and support, not the stormy waters).

If you need support, please talk with me. Book a free session to see how I can help.

In the meantime, I want to remind you of the most important thing right now:

Self care, self care, self care.

I wrote a blog post last year about making rose water for a nurturing bath in the tub, and it’s so super easy that I want to share it with you here.  My roses have been blooming their little butts off here at our homestead, so it’s perfect time!

Read the blog post here.

So, darling, as always: be kind to yourself, especially in these crazy times with all this intense energy hitting us.

Much love,


PS: There’s still time to sign up for our “NOURISH YOUR SOUL” retreat at our homestead in August!

My life shifted on its axis. I’m freaking out. Are you? What to do when an earthquake hits your psyche.

My life shifted on its axis. I’m freaking out. Are you? What to do when an earthquake hits your psyche.

Phew, dear Mama. It feels like the world is spinning out of control here. Are you feeling it, too?
For me, my whole life has shifted in the course of two minutes. Two minutes!

Here’s what happened:

I have homeschooled our three kids since they were born. Since my oldest is 14, that’s a decade of homeschooling. My whole life has centered around educating my kids, being with them all day, every day, guiding them, presenting opportunities, going on lots of adventures.

A couple of months ago, Kai, the oldest, decided he wanted to go to high school. Yep, because you know why? Hormones, that’s why. He has realized that girls are out there in the universe, and since he’s darn handsome, funny and kind, the girls flocked to him when he participated in track this year.

Lots of girls.

And lots of guys want to be his friend, too, and Kai wants to have friends, so there you go.  A match made in heaven.


Look: can you blame the chicks for having a crush on this dude?

Bye, bye, homeschooling, hello social life. And girls. Oh, the girls. They need to fill out applications, and then I can interview them to make sure they are qualified to date my first born. Sigh. I think not. This is not how it works, right? Or maybe I could just… okay, never mind.

So. One day, I dropped Kai off at track practice, and his brother Luke, who is two years younger than him, saw how the girls googled and gaggled at Kai, and he said to me, “Mom, I think I want to go to school, too.”

And then little Eva, age 7, piped up and said, “Does that mean I have to stay home with you? All alone? I wanna go to school, too.”

Bammmmm! This happened in the course of two minutes. And my life turned on its axis.

I smiled encouragingly and told them that this was a great idea, and that I totally support them, while my stomach dropped into my knees, and I tried to keep from hyperventilating.

As the kids happily chatted about how great their new lives will be, I drove along our scenic highway, struggling with my emotions. My identity is being a homeschooling mother. And what about our freedom to travel any time of the year, regardless of school holidays? What about bullies in school? Drugs? Sex? Rock ‘n Roll?

What about the fact that I don’t believe in public education, standarized tests, brainless learning?


And who’s gonna unload the dishwasher, help me in the garden, do chores around the house?

And then I thought about how conflicted I have felt about homeschooling for the past one and a half years. How I’ve been running out of steam on curriculum, supervising my kids’ learning, checking their math homework. Yes, I taught all of my children to read, but after Eva learned how to do it, I got a sinking feeling in my stomach having to read all the books over again that the boys used in their learning.

I’ve been uninspired with homeschooling.


I thought about how I have yearnd for having some space to myself, to not have to worry about who will take care of the kids when I’m on the phone with clients, to have big chunks of time to work on my retreats, courses, coaching practice.

During all of our years of homeschooling, I’ve juggled doing everything while I’ve been building my own dream, while following my passion for getting my own gifts out into the world – and it ain’t teaching algebra and grammar, folks.

So anyway. It’s been a big week, with many other stuff going on that I won’t get into.

Point is, I have really gotten a good look at how we hold on to our old identities and resist change.

How does this happen in your life? Where are you stuck in a rut, believing you need to live your life a certain way, but maybe it’s not working for you?

But you’re too scared to admit it…


Where are you holding on with your teeth, while there’s a little voice inside of you telling you that this is not the best path any more?


What idea, person, ideal are you clinging to, but deep inside there’s a small voice whispering that it’s over, that it’s time for something new?


Do I have any advice what to do when an earthquake hits your psyche?


Sure I do: eat chocolate.

Yeah.  Well, here’s what else I’m doing, and you can, too:

  • Be very, very gentle with yourself.  Don’t try to talk yourself out of your feelings, or tell yourself to suck it up.  Validate to the scared/insecure/anxious/pissed/sad self in your body that this is a huge deal, and that feeling scared/insecure/anxious/pissed/sad is totally normal.


  • Live in the moment.  Seriously.  One day at a time, or if it’s really bad, one hour at a time.  Heck, maybe you have to take one minute at a time.


  • Breathe.  Deeply.  Maybe go outside, while you lean against a tree and feel its grounding roots.


  • Get support.  Don’t isolate, please!  Can you talk with a friend who has gone through similar circumstances?  If not, find a support group, therapist, coach, mentor.  How about this: Ask for help!  Ask for support!  People might not know what’s going on, and they can’t read your mind.  Wouldn’t that be nice?


  • Hold possibility for something good to come from all this chaos.  Live with the uncertainty of it, expect that you and everyone concerned will learn from this.  It’s easy to see this in retrospect.  Have you ever had something traumatic happen to you, and a few years down the road you could see that there was some kind of blessing in it?


  • Count your blessings.  I know you can find something to be grateful for.  You got a roof over your head?  Did you have a meal today!  Awesome!  Did a stranger smile at you?  Did you smell the scent of a beautiful flower?  Yeah!


  • Eat some more chocolate.





Last chance, and a special invitation for you

Since you are reading my blog, I assume you know that I’m a life coach.  I don’t like the word “life coach” though.  The word “coach” conjures images of someone with a whistle in their mouth, yelling and jumping up and down.

I see myself more as a midwife helping people birth their highest potentials.  Yes, that’s a mouthful and sounds kind of lofty, doesn’t it?

Truth is: as a life coach (or mentor, or midwife for highest potential), I help to change people’s lives, often dramatically.  My clients come to me with a problem and unrealized potentials, and I help them make conscious not only why these problems or barriers to flourishing exist in the first place, but more importantly transform and evolve them.  During and after our work together, my clients learn to show up in new and different ways, apply the tools I teach them, and get lasting results.

Since my clients get such great results, and since I’m getting busier with my life coaching practice, I want to tell you about a few things:


  • I’m raising my prices at the middle of June to reflect my value and all the expenses of my continued education to make me into a world-class coach.  Prices will go up from $70 per session to $97 per session.  Instead of my $500 coaching package for 8 weeks, it will cost $697.



  • I will accept a total of five new clients for the next 3 months.  So if you schedule your free session now, and we both decide this is a fit for us, you will be able to get started with improving your life right away instead of having to wait til new spots open up.


Here are some of the many testimonials from my clients:


“When I came to my first session, I was in a years-long deep grey chasm, so ready to transform, but in need of help. The relief I felt at the finish of that very first session compounded enormously in the course of six weeks, and enabled me to again find my sense of purpose and possibility in life.”  Betsy Delph

“I believe Corina was born to do this work. I recommend her to anyone who is seriously looking to make a breakthrough.”  Kirsten Meekinson

“Throughout our work together, I keep being absolutely amazed at how quickly things have been shifting for me! The constant background anxiety has lifted, I am now able to self soothe very well and as a result feel relaxed and at ease in my life, the depression I’ve felt for years is no longer there, and my energy levels have been improving rapidly.”  Julia Schneider


“Coaching with Corina has dramatically changed my life!”  Brandie Tremper


“Working with Corina as my coach has been one of the most clarifying and rewarding experiences of my life!”  Anne Roda

“Corina’s help has been life-changing to say the least! I cannot say enough about Corina’s work and how much it has helped me. For the first time in my life, I feel truly empowered and ready to see where my hopes and dreams take me.”  Tracy Sippl


So please contact me for a free discovery session to explore how we can catalyze your deepest flourishing and thriving! 

Don’t wait because these free spots could fill up very fast!


And if you know a friend who would benefit from working with me, please forward this email to them!