Why are you hiding? What is keeping you from being visible?

Why are you hiding? What is keeping you from being visible?

On Thursday, butterflies in my stomach woke me up and wouldn’t let me go back to sleep again.  In fact, his happened every single morning for a whole week before Thursday.  The reason: For months, I had planned to teach a free webinar on how to make Chevre cheese.

When I first came up with this idea, I didn’t know that I would have a worldwide audience of 800 people on Thursday, the day of the webinar.

And not only did I have this huge audience, but I also took a stand for my business: the stand to be visible and play a much bigger game.  That can be really scary, right?

So I bet you believe me when I tell you I was nervous just before I hit the “Go live” button on the webinar.  Once I started connecting with all the people waiting for me, I felt great.  This is what I live for: teaching, connecting with people, delivering value, inspiring folks.

At the end of the free webinar, people were gushing about it, thanking me profusely, and signing up for my paid online cheese making course.

And I felt energized, proud to bursting, fulfilled, and re-inspired to take my business to a new level, thus serving more people and helping to change lives.

Here’s my point: I wasn’t always like this.  I used to be extremely shy.  If you know me personally, you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking, “Great joke, Corina.”  You know me as a bubbly, outgoing, extroverted gal, right?

Well, deep down inside I am a full-blown introvert.  Coupled with my old story of “I’m not good enough, I’m not wanted, and I’m not worthy of attention”, this would make for a pretty bad business person, don’t you think?

Inside of these old beliefs of not being good enough, not being wanted, and not being worthy, I showed up in the following way.  If you have the same false beliefs, maybe you can relate.

  • I didn’t allow other people to see me (I didn’t share my feelings, I covered up my feelings of inadequacy with false bravado)
  • I was hiding (behind the computer, behind a fake smile)
  • I didn’t pursue opportunities although I was qualified
  • I downplayed my own value, talents and gifts
  • I undercharged financially
  • I assumed people didn’t want me to “play” with them
  • I said “No” a lot, even though I wanted to say “YES”
  • I didn’t promote myself, make myself visible, show up

Does this sound familiar?  Are you doing some of that yourself?  Why?  How could you change that?  Does it feel good to keep hiding and not going for your dreams?  

Well, my darling, at some point, it feels like shit, doesn’t it?  When everybody else is thriving and growing, and you wonder what the hell is wrong with you because you can’t shine like that, thrive like that, or own your own value like the “big players”.

Here’s what I want to tell you: If I can change this, you can, too.

You might need a little help figuring out the underlying patterns and beliefs, and the old ways of being that keep reinforcing your old identity.  And that’s okay.  We all need a little help.  We all need support.

You could schedule a free session with me to see how I can help.

Maybe all you need to change your hiding is an awareness of being sick of playing small.

Maybe you gotta journal about it and ask yourself what you really are yearning for, and what’s holding you back.

Or you could pretend and act “as if”.  Who would you be, how would you talk, what steps would you take if you were the person you want to be?

You could visualize yourself ten, twenty, thirty years into the future, as a fully self-realized, successful, happy woman, and then see what she has to say to your self in the present.  What kind of advice would she give you?  What skills and capacities do you need to learn and practice to show up like this fully expressed woman of your future?

Be gentle with yourself.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Just be curious!

And honestly, do contact me for a free session if you want help!

Sending you much love,


PS: Oh, and if you want to watch the replay of my webinar, where I teach people how to make Chevre Cheese, you can do that here. For free, of course. But it ends on Sunday, so watch it soon.

To worry is to pray for what you don’t want. Please don’t punch me in the face.

To worry is to pray for what you don’t want. Please don’t punch me in the face.

I am a world-class worry wart. Believe me, I know anxiety well. I’ve pitched my tent there and camped out with anxiety a lot in the past. I still do some, but if I catch myself worrying, I now say this to myself:

“To worry is to pray for what I don’t want.”

Now, please don’t punch me in the face. I’m not saying it’s your fault when something bad happens. Not at all.

What I’m saying is this:

Pretend you just woke up, and you stub your toe. In other words, your day starts out shitty. Then you notice the coffee has run out, and your day is getting worse, if that’s possible, and it’s not even 6:30 am yet.

Your thoughts are starting a downward spiral which you are getting sucked into fast – like a vortex of spinning energy you can’t stop. Here are your thoughts:

“Why does this always happen to me?”
“It’s gonna be a terrible day!”
“What if the meeting today is gonna suck?”
“I bet I won’t get through my to-do-list today.”

And woosh, down goes the energy, and wouldn’t you know it? The day IS terrible. The meeting DOES suck. You didn’t even scratch the surface of your to-do list.

And you feel terrible.

This downward spiral stuff happened to me the first week my three kids started school this September. I had been homeschooling them for their whole lives, and they all started public school at the same time. The first week was rough for two of my kids: they didn’t know anyone, the new environment and structure were foreign to them, they missed being home.

My mind went into overdrive: What if they never make friends? What if they never fit in? What if this was the biggest mistake we’ve ever made, and my kids will be scarred for life?

The deeper I hysterically pondered this, the more vivid the pictures in my head became. You know, when a thought suddenly turns into a big movie screen, with flashing colors, its own plot, and sound effects to boot.

Yeah, that.

And you notice your body is getting flooded with stress hormones, adrenaline, fear and dread, just as if the scenario in your head is actually HAPPENING for real?

Thoughts are incredibly powerful. I stopped myself and asked, “Is this really what I want for my kids? This techni-color picture of gloom and doom? Or do I want to see them happy, integrated and thriving? Yes, that!

So I dropped everything I was doing, sat down and visualized them like that: flourishing. Whenever fear crept up, I directed my thoughts to seeing my kids ecstatic and smiling.

Whatever the outcome, my body and mind felt much better visualizing the positive rather than seeing all the horror scenes in my mind.

And wouldn’t you know? After a week of adjusting, the middle kid started loving school and the social scene, the sports, band. And although it took longer for my third child, four weeks after starting school the other students in her second grade class are now fighting for her attention, wanting to be her best friend.


Did my visualizing help? I’d like to think so. I do believe in the Law of Attraction, prayer, positivity. But even if that didn’t play a factor, it is true that I felt much more calm, relaxed and peaceful. I bet my mindset helped my kids, instead of dealing with a hysterical, worried, hovering mother.

Here are some ways to deal with anxiety:


  • Eat chocolate.  Just kidding.  Or not.  It actually helps me.
  • Breathe.  Seriously.  Oxygen does wonders for your mood.
  • Turn towards your inner child, the one that worries she’s not good enough, she’s not safe, she’s a burden to others.  If you don’t know how to do this, schedule a free coaching session with me.  It could change your life.
  • Notice your body sensations when you worry: tension, gripping, tightness, pain.  Send some love and breath there.
  • Then say to yourself: “I’m going to make a different choice here.  Right now, I’m kind of praying for what I don’t want to happen.  What do I want to happen instead?”
  • Visualize in full techni-color a new scenario: what would you like this to be?  Paint a picture in your mind.  What does it smell like, feel like, look like?  Stay there for a while.
  • Talk with a friend (or coach).  Make sure it’s someone who has earned the right to hear your story, someone you trust completely.
  • Be super-super-super kind, compassionate, gentle and sweet with yourself.  Beating yourself up on top of the anxiety doesn’t help.
  • Exercise.  I get on my bike and pump some endorphins out in the fresh air.  And then I go and eat some more chocolate.

Learn something new – this could change your life!

Learn something new – this could change your life!

Hello dear one!

I already shared this via my homesteading blog, but in case you are not subscribed to it, I  wanted to show this to you.  You might like this opportunity, because it will teach you lots of practical, hands-on skills.

It’s the FREE online Back to Basics Living Summit, which is a gathering of some of the top influencers in the back to basics movement, covering topics from gardening, preserving food, backyard livestock, urban homesteading, and more, and it’s all ONLINE and FREE, so you can learn from the comfort of your home, or barn, or wherever you choose to spend your time!

And guess what? I’m considered a top influencer (who would have thought?), and I’m one of the presenters!  My video presentation is on making Chevre cheese.

30 different experts teach via interviews, video content, slideshow tutorials, and ebooks.
View presentations on:

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  • Food Storage
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  • Cooking
  • Brewing
  • Cheese Making
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  • Starting your Homestead From Scratch
  • …and MORE!!!

Registration is FREE! Follow this link to reserve your seat today, and I will see you on the inside.

If this is your first time attending a summit, here are some things you should know:

  • There is NO ENTRANCE FEE and it is available 100% Online!
  • It begins September 10th
  • It runs for 7 full days
  • Each day has unique content!
  • Over 22 hours of video presentations for you to enjoy

If you want to be included in this summit, register HERE to reserve your FREE ticket!

Only registered attendees will get the entire itinerary!

Come join us for this educational and entertaining event.

Mark your calendar!

I’ll see YOU there!

Many blessings,

Corina Sahlin



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What’s up with all the intensity lately?

What’s up with all the intensity lately?

Dear Mama,

Have you been feeling all the intensity lately?  Lots of deep emotions, strong feelings, crazy reactions are floating around.  I’ve been experiencing lots of this, my clients have, too and I wonder if you’re in the same boat as well.

In my latest episode of The Mama Show, I explain what’s up and what you can do to stay more balanced.  It’s a short one, but powerful.

Watch it here!

Sending you lots and lots of love!


The reason you haven’t heard from me in a while

The reason you haven’t heard from me in a while


Dear Mama,

Do you wonder why you haven’t heard from me in a while?

Here’s why: on top of life being very intense on many levels, my computer broke down.

So I did what  good life coach would do: dig in, feel and explore all the feelings that have been coming up, take care of myself, and transform.

And transform I did. I feel like I’ve been in a chrysalis, where the caterpillar turns to mush before it emerges as a butterfly.  It’s been hard, but also incredibly good for soul growth.

Also, I made a new episode of my “Mama Show” series, to talk about some of this and give you some support and inspiration if you’re also feeling all this intensity, but guess what?

My computer broke.  Yup, it broke, and I lost everything I had on it, including the project I’ve been working on for y’all.

So that was another reason I had to allow myself to be turned into caterpillar/butterfly soup inside of my little cocoon.

It’s all good though, truly, because I have the tools and the support I need to navigate these stormy waters, and I’m so glad for them (for the tools and support, not the stormy waters).

If you need support, please talk with me. Book a free session to see how I can help.

In the meantime, I want to remind you of the most important thing right now:

Self care, self care, self care.

I wrote a blog post last year about making rose water for a nurturing bath in the tub, and it’s so super easy that I want to share it with you here.  My roses have been blooming their little butts off here at our homestead, so it’s perfect time!

Read the blog post here.

So, darling, as always: be kind to yourself, especially in these crazy times with all this intense energy hitting us.

Much love,


PS: There’s still time to sign up for our “NOURISH YOUR SOUL” retreat at our homestead in August!