Dear Mama,

Do you wonder why you haven’t heard from me in a while?

Here’s why: on top of life being very intense on many levels, my computer broke down.

So I did what  good life coach would do: dig in, feel and explore all the feelings that have been coming up, take care of myself, and transform.

And transform I did. I feel like I’ve been in a chrysalis, where the caterpillar turns to mush before it emerges as a butterfly.  It’s been hard, but also incredibly good for soul growth.

Also, I made a new episode of my “Mama Show” series, to talk about some of this and give you some support and inspiration if you’re also feeling all this intensity, but guess what?

My computer broke.  Yup, it broke, and I lost everything I had on it, including the project I’ve been working on for y’all.

So that was another reason I had to allow myself to be turned into caterpillar/butterfly soup inside of my little cocoon.

It’s all good though, truly, because I have the tools and the support I need to navigate these stormy waters, and I’m so glad for them (for the tools and support, not the stormy waters).

If you need support, please talk with me. Book a free session to see how I can help.

In the meantime, I want to remind you of the most important thing right now:

Self care, self care, self care.

I wrote a blog post last year about making rose water for a nurturing bath in the tub, and it’s so super easy that I want to share it with you here.  My roses have been blooming their little butts off here at our homestead, so it’s perfect time!

Read the blog post here.

So, darling, as always: be kind to yourself, especially in these crazy times with all this intense energy hitting us.

Much love,


PS: There’s still time to sign up for our “NOURISH YOUR SOUL” retreat at our homestead in August!